Refuse to Fall features female wrestler

Refuse to Fall is a supernatural sports story about a high school wrestling team trying to win the Michigan state championship and its coach, who reluctantly holds the key to a centuries-old mystery.  One of the main characters is Kelsey James, the girl who starts at 103 pounds for the Blue Devils.  Her ferocious drive to excel, her struggles as her family falls apart, and the bond with her teammates are compelling and vital parts of the team’s story.

Refuse to Fall is one of the only novels written that  features a female wrestler as one of its main characters.  It’s now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

March 2-8 Women’s Wrestling Week

MARCH 2-8 is Women’s Wrestling Week

USA Wrestling has declared March 2-8 Women’s Wrestling Week.  The goal is to highlight the opportunities for women in the sport.  Participation by women in high school programs is growing and there are now twenty college women’s wrestling programs.  The Women’s World Cup in freestyle wrestling will be held March 8 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

For more information, check out Gary Abbot’s article in  here.

New Book Released

Refuse to Fall is now available in paperback and ebook editions.  The supernatural sports story by Mike Stagg can be purchased online through this website and at Amazon.  The paperback edition is also available online at Barnes & Noble.

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